Oculus Quest price, features, specs, and release date

Oculus Quest price, features, specs, and release date

Zuckerberg was at Oculus Connect to announce a new standalone VR headset called Oculus Quest.

It is completely wireless, portable, supports six degrees of freedom and allows for users to move in a virtual space.

At this point, there are no indications of what kind of hardware is installed inside this standalone VR headset, but we'd imagine that it's beefier than what's available with the $199 Oculus Go. The idea was to build a truly standalone headset that could power "Rift-quality" experiences in order to usher in a new generation of VR.

It also has touch controllers, meaning users can "interact with people and objects in a natural way", the makers said.

As he was a year ago when he announced the Oculus Go, Zuckerberg is counting on the Quest to widen VR's appeal.

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Facebook Announces $399 Oculus Quest VR Headset
The Quest will also work with most previous Oculus software, so at launch there shouldn't be a shortage of content. These sensors also allow Quest to go beyond roomscale, with Oculus saying it can go into a 4,000 square feet room.

Facebook's Oculus Go VR headset is getting access to more than 800,000 360-degree videos, thanks to a new partnership with Google's YouTube service. For starters, the controllers feature tiny infrared LEDs, which are tracked by the cameras in the headset. Facebook has said the addition of this third device completes their roadmap, and that app compatibility will be retained for future products in each of these segmentations (e.g., Oculus Go apps will run on Oculus Go 2).

The Oculus Quest matches the 1600x1440 per eye display resolution of the Oculus Go, has built-in audio and 64GB of storage. Oculus already has over 50 titles lined up for launch, including Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss. Using four ultra wide-angle sensors and computer vision algorithms, the headset and controllers are able to track your movement and position in real time.

Stay tuned as more information on the Oculus Quest comes down from the annual Oculus Connect developer conference.

Oculus has just announced a brand-new VR headset in the form of the Oculus Quest.

Known as Oculus Insight, this inside-out-tracking isn't too dissimilar from what's found on the Lenovo Mirage Solo or the Windows MR line of headsets from Dell, Lenovo and Acer among others.

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