British PM Theresa May promises measures aimed at reforming markets

British PM Theresa May promises measures aimed at reforming markets

May will say that Britain's post-Brexit future is "full of promise" and that the country "has everything we need to succeed" when she addresses party delegates on the last day of the Conservative Party's annual conference in Birmingham on Wednesday.

Dancing onto the stage to the tune of Swedish pop group ABBA's hit "Dancing Queen", May mocked herself, jokingly saying if she lost her voice it was because she had been up half of the night super gluing the stage set. "If we cheat the electorate, and Chequers is a cheat, we will escalate that sense of mistrust".

During her 64-minute speech to the Tory conference in Birmingham, Mrs May did not mention her Brexit plan - Chequers - by name.

"Even if we do not all agree on every part of this proposal", May added, "we need to come together".

Mrs May did warn her critics, however, that failing to unite behind her would undermine Britain in negotiations - and could even lead to the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union. We will challenge this Government.

She also tried to expand her domestic agenda, attacking the main opposition Labour Party by saying its policies, including the renationalisation of mail, rail and utilities, would mean increased taxes and drive away business.

Vince Cable, leader of the minority Liberal Democrats said: "As somebody who takes dancing seriously, I was delighted to see Theresa May show that she is developing her new hobby".

Yet May now has a mini-revolt on her hands from some members of her party as well as facing pressure from European Union officials determined to stick to their guns. An undeterred May called on her colleagues to work towards making the Conservatives a party "not for the few, not even for the many but for everyone who is willing to work hard and do their best".

One however has submitted a letter of no confidence in his leader.

Jeremy Hunt, her foreign minister, said on Twitter: "Congratulations Theresa May for a remarkable speech delivered with humour and passion".

With just six months until Brexit is scheduled to take at least partial effect, May is under pressure after the European Union rejected parts of her Brexit plan and critics in her party call for a change of strategy.

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Wednesday's speech was considerably smoother.

Inside, the paper spoke of how Mr Johnson "plunged the knife in", and a leader column said that while the speech "pressed all the right buttons", its content was "deeply disloyal to the Prime Minister and profoundly unrealistic".

James Forsyth, political editor of the Spectator magazine and a columnist at the Sun newspaper said: "May delivers one of her best speeches, and will send activists home in better heart than they expected this morning".

The Prime Minister returned the favour by namechecking her opponent seven times.

While he acknowledged that supporting a protest motion was a different matter to voting down an actual deal, he said the Government whips would still struggle to get it through the House.

"He had not parked his tank on her lawn but on a nearby street so that she can see it whenever she goes to the shops".

"The EU is adamant that you can't have the free movement of goods without accepting EU workers - that would break the rules of the club", NPR's Frank Langfitt explains. It was, however, a bar May cleared easily in her 2018 address.

Brussels insists the Brexit divorce deal must include a legally-binding "backstop" to prohibit a restored "hard border" between the British province of Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic, which will remain an European Union member.

"So this is our proposal". No taking Britain back to square one.

"Brexit" without agreement could lead to an economic recession in the Uk in 2019, warned on Thursday that british bank RBS.

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