Reese’s puts out machine to trade unwanted candy for peanut butter cups

Reese’s puts out machine to trade unwanted candy for peanut butter cups

Maybe some Sugar Daddies, or a Mounds bar, or, God forbid, candy corn? But this year, Reese's is coming to the rescue with their very own candy exchange machine.

The marketing geniuses behind the famed PB & C concoction first unveiled the massive orange vending machine at a Halloween party in Westchester, delighting baffled onlookers who deposited weak candy for the hard stuff in the little orange wrapping.

While no one should ever complain about free candy, we all know the feeling of disappointment that comes from getting a second-rate sweet on Halloween night. The machine will be located on 5th Avenue between Washington Square North and East 8th Street in Manhattan, from 4 9 p.m. on Halloween.

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Every Halloween as you eagerly dig through your (or your kid's) trick-or-treating candy, you're bound to come across a few pieces you don't want. A spokesman with the company told CNN the single Reese's converter is expected to give out more than 10,000 cups. "What'd you expect from the GOAT of Halloween?!"

According to Delish, Reese's will set up a machine in New York City on Wednesday that allows people to exchange candy they don't want for delicious peanut butter-y goodness.

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