Madrid defend Ramos over anti-doping allegations

Madrid defend Ramos over anti-doping allegations

The German publication made a series of claims, as part of the Football Leaks investigation, which suggested Spain global Ramos had broken anti-doping protocol on two occasions.

"Sergio Ramos has never breached the anti-doping control regulations", it read.

Der Spiegel claim UEFA "swept the case under the rug" despite dexamethasone being on WADA's list of prohibited substances.

Ramos had just won the Champions League for a third time with Real beating Juventus 4-1 in Cardiff.

WADA does not prohibit players taking dexamethasone before games, as long as it is declared during a doping test. Der Spiegel claims Ramos and the Real Madrid team doctor instead registered betamethasone, another glucocorticoid on WADA's banned list.

Dexamethasone had been administered to treat "chronic pathologies" in Ramos' knee and shoulder Dr.

"UEFA requested timely information and closed the matter immediately, as is usual in these cases, after verification by the experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency, AMA, and of UEFA itself".

"In terms of the rest of the content published by the aforementioned publication, the club will not be making any comment, given the clearly insubstantial nature of the reports".

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Did Sergio Ramos breach doping regulations?

UEFA, the Der Speigel report adds, concluded that it was "very likely" that the club and player had committed an "administrative mistake" and asked the club in the future "to be utmost cautious when completing the doping control form and more precisely the declaration of medication".

The second claim made by Der Spiegel alleges Ramos knowingly broke anti-doping rules by showering prior to providing a sample after the LaLiga game against Malaga in April 2018.

The doctor's statement was enough for UEFA to close the issue.

'UEFA has informed both WADA and Federation Internationale de Football Association of all such cases as required by the WADA code and UEFA has provided all detailed information, expert reports and evidence during the handling of such cases.

In response to comment from Der Spiegel, UEFA stated the decision was in compliance with the WADA code.

The damning report continues by claiming two days after Ramos' sample had been identified, a member of UEFA's anti-doping unit reached out to the defender for an explanation.

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