Death Toll In California Fire Rises To 87

Death Toll In California Fire Rises To 87

The Camp Fire, which is now 100 percent contained, has killed 85 people and destroyed approximately 19,000 buildings, making it both the deadliest and most destructive blaze in state history.

The so-called Camp Fire all but obliterated the mountain community of Paradise, 175 miles (280 km) northeast of San Francisco, on November 8, killing at least 84 people and destroying almost 14,000 homes. "What they're recovering is bones and bone fragments".

Jerry Johnson, concert coordinator of the First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto, a northern California city, where the event was staged, said the church hosted many benefit concerts every year, but the fundraising concert by the Chinese community is "the first known one held this year" for the Camp Fire victims.

The wildfire, which ignited in a rural area November 8 before consuming the town of Paradise and roaring through nearby communities, has left a staggering toll.

Crews continued sifting through debris and ash for human remains.

Almost 19,000 buildings, a lot of them homes, are gone.

They have a few more days of dry weather but rain is forecast to again fall on the Sierra Nevada foothills during the middle and end of the week.

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More than 50,000 were forced to flee the flames, many who have lost their homes and were now living in evacuation shelters and makeshift camps.

The sheriff's office is maintaining a public list of missing people and offering to swab the cheeks of immediate relatives in hopes of identifying those lost in the fire.

"I've heard the climate change argument back and forth", he said. "Everyone here is super committed to helping the folks here".

It dropped an estimated 80 millimetres of rain over the burn area during a three-day period without causing significant mudslides, said Hannah Chandler-Cooley of the National Weather Service.

Crews are sifting through ash and debris looking for human remains while also trying to fix power, telephone and gas utilities. For example, Honea said firefighters thought they had located remains from two individuals, but they turned out to be three individuals after testing.

In Northern California, the searchers tried to keep their minds on the task rather than the tragic situation.

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