Project Fi is now Google Fi and officially supports more Android phones

Project Fi is now Google Fi and officially supports more Android phones

We say "up until today" because with Google welcoming all these new phones to Fi, those rules are changing a bit. But with Google Fi now widening its support, pretty much anyone who has bought a smartphone in the last two years should be able to take advantage of the service. And to help celebrate the changes, Google is offering up different promotional offers, the best of which is up to $999 in travel gift cards.

Google also announced Google Fi support for many more phones, including iPhones and those from Samsung, LG, Motorola, and OnePlus.

Some plan features will depend on the Android or iOS device you use.

Oh, and Google is dropping the "project" label. Oh, and Project Fi is getting a new name for good measure.

Google Fi's Network Tools feature will not work on iPhones. If you're on an iPhone, regular SMS texting requires you to update your settings in order to work and visual voicemails won't appear in the Phone app. So if you use 2GB of data, your phone bill will be $40.

A few other reasons I've been using Fi for the past year or so include free tethering, no additional charge for global data, and relatively affordable worldwide phone calls.

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Before Wednesday's announcement, Google Fi only worked with a small number of Android phones: four LG and Moto phones, and Google-branded devices such as Pixel and Nexus phones.

Google Fi has always been a tempting deal for cell service, with the big caveat that it works only on Google-sold phones.

You can check to see whether your phone is compatible and which Fi features it supports here. And unlike phones made for the service, automatic network switching between Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular won't be active and phones will stay on a single network, which in the past has been T-Mobile. Then you'll need a phone that's officially created to support Fi. "If you're looking for the full Google Fi experience, including Fi's unique technology to seamlessly switch between multiple cellular networks, you can use a phone designed for Fi-like the Pixel 3, Moto G6, and any other phone available on the Google Fi website".

Google announced today (Nov. 28) that it's opening up its wireless phone service to many more devices, including Apple's iPhones. Alternatively, if you'd rather set up Google Fi on your current phone, you'll earn $200 of Fi service credit when you sign up today.

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