Michael Cohen Lied About Trump Moscow Real Estate Talks, Court Documents Show

Michael Cohen Lied About Trump Moscow Real Estate Talks, Court Documents Show

Michael Cohen, US President Donald Trump's former longtime personal lawyer, has admitted to lying to the US Congress in a guilty plea filed to a NY courtroom in a surprise appearance.

His comments made clear that his communications with Trump about the project were much more frequent than he had suggested. Cohen had been negotiating with Russian Federation during the campaign on Trump's behalf.

According to ABC News, Mueller, now investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, reportedly submitted the questions to the president in writing.

"That was a project that we didn't do, I didn't do".

However, Trump maintained that "there would've been nothing wrong if I did do it".

Trump later reiterated his disparagement of Cohen: "What he's trying to do - because he's a weak person and not a very smart person".

During the campaign, Cohen acted as Trump's point person in an attempt to build the Trump development in Moscow.

The top Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee says there's a trend among close allies of President Donald Trump not telling the truth.

In January 2016, Cohen also reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesperson about the project. The committee then canceled the meeting with Cohen, upset that his remarks, which reiterated what he had said in his letter to Congress in August, had been leaked to the press. He falsely said that planning had ended in January 2016, that he had not considered to traveling to Russia in relation to the plans, and that he had not heard from any Russian officials about the project.

President Donald Trump spoke with Michael Cohen more extensively about the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow than Cohen previously told Congress, Cohen admitted in federal court Thursday.

Paul Manafort President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman leaves the Federal District Court after a hearing earlier this year
Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's lawyer, expected to plead guilty to making false statements to Congress

Cohen worked on the deal with Felix Sater, a Russian-born developer and U.S. citizen, who served as a deal broker on the project. Some of those contacts were first reported by The Washington Post.

But talks actually continued until June 2016.

But the Mueller team notes in court filings another person who was not interview by Congress would have known about the Moscow plans - the president himself, who is identified in the court papers as Individual 1.

He also says he made the misstatements to be consistent with Trump's political messaging and out of loyalty to Trump.

The Mueller investigation has cast a cloud over the current American administration.

Cohen left the courthouse on Thursday without speaking to reporters.

It is unclear at the moment whether Cohen's guilty plea will result in him cooperating with federal authorities, particularly in relation to the Russian meddling investigation.

Mueller is investigating whether any Trump associates had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks' plans.

Until now, Cohen had been operating without a formal cooperation deal. "Mr Cohen will continue to co-operate".

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