Khashoggi murder: Central Intelligence Agency chief Haspel 'to brief Congress'

Khashoggi murder: Central Intelligence Agency chief Haspel 'to brief Congress'

Asked if he would be convicted of murder, the senator then answered: "Yes".

Lindsey Graham, a Republican, made the blunt comments following a briefing from the Central Intelligence Agency about Mr Khashoggi, who was killed after he entered Saudi Arabia's consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul on 2 October.

Trump has equivocated over who is to blame for the killing, frustrating senators who are now looking for ways to punish the longtime Middle East ally.

Meanwhile, previously reported that President Trump vowed not to listen to the audio evidence revealing the gruesome murder of Khashoggi.

A source told Reuters news agency on Tuesday that Trump administration officials, including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, will brief all members of the US House of Representatives on the Saudi situation on 13 December.

Last week, the Senate rebuked Trump by voting 63 to 37 in favor of a resolution that would end US involvement in Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen.

Many Democrats want a "straight up or down vote" on the resolution to end all USA support for the Saudi coalition in Yemen, without amendments.

"Let me just put it this way: I think if he was in front of a jury, he would have a unanimous verdict in about 30 minutes".

Sen. Bob Corker says a jury would find the Saudi crown prince 'in about 30 minutes.'
Sen. Bob Corker says a jury would find the Saudi crown prince 'in about 30 minutes.'

Trump has said it may never be known who was responsible for the killing, and in public comments - and a long and unusual statement last week - he reinforced the United States' long alliance with the Saudis. "I'm not going to blow past this", he said.

Saudi Arabia maintains the crown prince did not know anything about the murder, which it claims was an accident.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Republican Senator Rand Paul voiced his frustration that "most rank-and-file senators and congressmen" were not invited to the meeting with Haspel. In a column for the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Graham wrote that the killing and other moves by the Saudi regime showed "astounding arrogance entitlement" and disregard for worldwide norms. "And yet we have to have a relationship with these individuals or with these countries". "After all, someone's got to do it".

"When it is done, when you complete that analysis, there's no direct evidence linking [the Saudi prince] to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi", he said.

"We're not quite there yet", Corker said ahead of the briefing.

Corker said senators are trying to figure out how to amend the resolution, which directs the president to remove most USA armed forces from hostilities affecting Yemen.

There were also complains from some senators, wo were not allowed into the briefing. "Guilty. A guilty verdict", Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters after the briefing.

"MBS, the crown prince, is a wrecking ball".

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