Putin issues ominous warning on rising nuclear war threat

Putin issues ominous warning on rising nuclear war threat

"There is a trend of lowering the threshold" of using nuclear weapons, Putin said. If these missiles appear in Europe what should we do?

President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that there was nothing to stop Russian Federation and the United States holding talks with other countries about the possibility of them joining a landmark arms control treaty that is at risk of unraveling.

"We are essentially witnessing the breakdown of the global arms control order and (the start of) an arms race", Putin told more than 1,000 reporters. US officials say Washington's withdrawal from the pact was prompted by Russian violations of the treaty, which Moscow vehemently denies.

Putin has previously said that Russian Federation would be forced to train its own missiles on any European countries that host US rockets. Are the Americans not interested, do they not need them?

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Putin also emphasised that the USA is pondering the use of ballistic missiles with conventional warheads, saying that the launch of such a missile could be mistaken for the launch of a nuclear-tipped one and trigger a global catastrophe. How do we know this?

"If, God forbid, something like that were to happen, it would lead to the end of all civilization and maybe also the planet", said Putin. Signed in Washington, D.C.by President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev on December 8, 1987, the treaty was ratified by the United States Senate on May 27, 1988 and came into force on June 1, 1988.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that British Prime Minister Theresa May had no choice but to implement Brexit and steer clear of a second referendum or risk undermining faith in British democracy. The pullout is also likely to strengthen Russia's role in Syria's future. Putin said holding another referendum was risky.

Putin did not appear to be entirely convinced that Trump will actually withdrawal, reminding reporters of America's history in Afghanistan: "The United States has been in Afghanistan already for 17 years, and nearly every year they say they're withdrawing their troops".

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