Don't 'end up in hospital' over Bird Box Challenge, Netflix says

Don't 'end up in hospital' over Bird Box Challenge, Netflix says

Netflix has issued a public service announcement after many of its viewers have been copying a unsafe game inspired by its new movie Bird Box.

The Netflix original made headlines going into the New Year when the streaming service declared that an overwhelming audience of 45 million watched the film over the Christmas break.

The challenge has gotten so out of hand that the peeps at Netflix felt the need to put out an official warning so that people don't "end up in hospital" and seriously fools, please heed their message.

Some people loved the film so much it became apart of their Christmas festivities.

Obviously, no one wants to be associated with a person who accidentally gets hit with a auto or chops off a finger for an internet challenge, so we get it.

So far, there are no reports of injuries as a result of this latest Internet challenge, yet just by looking at some of the available clips it's obvious this will only be a matter of time. But it's not only the nightmare-inducing drama-thriller itself that has gone viral.

"Given that the jump from "a teen did this once" to "(x risky idea) is the latest viral TEEN TREND" is instantaneous in today's internet machine, it's wise to look carefully at any viral warnings about teen behavior online.

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The warning comes after their hit movie, "Bird Box", inspired a new and potentially risky meme.

The gripping tale has seen the birth of viral 'Bird Box' memes and even the 'Bird Box' Challenge. In order to survive, she and her kids must run from an unknown entity blindfolded because, if seen, the mysterious element has the power to make people kill themselves.

There are plenty of examples of people doing the meme without putting themselves in immediate peril, or pretending to.

Despite the alarm, there aren't a lot of examples of disastrous Bird Box Challenges.

Nearly immediately after its release, the film's blindfolds became a huge meme - there were so many memes, in fact, that a conspiracy theory developed alleging that Netflix was actually creating the memes to promote the film. Check out how some people have attempted the Bird Box Challenge.

The #BirdBoxChallenge finds fans of the film filming themselves running around blindfolded just as Bullock and her young co-stars do in the film.

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