Trump Mulls Declaring National Emergency to Let Military Build Border Wall

Trump Mulls Declaring National Emergency to Let Military Build Border Wall

"So we are damned if we do and damned if we don't", an unidentified "TV exec" said in a text to the cable network.

Earlier in the day, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the president will visit the border with Mexico on Thursday, to meet with "those on the frontlines of the national security and humanitarian crisis".

"There is a provision in law that says the president can declare an emergency".

Pence also says he and Nielsen will be visiting the Capitol Tuesday and Wednesday to brief House and Senate members.

Asked about the ability of government workers to pay their bills, President Trump said Sunday that he expected federal workers would be able to "adjust" financially, as he expressed confidence that they supported his drive for border security. "He's not building a wall anymore, ' that should help us move in the right direction", Mulvaney said on NBC's "Meet the Press". Collins and others are also up for re-election in 2020 from states including Colorado and North Carolina where views on Trump are mixed.

The GOP-controlled Senate will likely not consider the measure, because border wall funding is not included.

That would be via piecemeal appropriation bills, to reopen certain agencies, such as the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

"We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country" to guard against the threat that border officials say is posed by illegal crossings, Trump said.

That's despite the fact that his administration has already spent millions constructing wall prototypes near the border in San Diego.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said in a separate interview on the same program that talks on Saturday to reopen the government "did not make much progress".

He tells reporters as he departs the White House for meetings at Camp David that he'll be asking the companies to design "a lovely steel product" and "we'll use that as our barrier". We reaffirmed @POTUS' commitment to secure the border, build the wall, keep Americans safe & reopen gov't.

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She added that it is "incomprehensible" that Democrats who agree with Trump on the need for border security would not agree to his demand for wall funding.

Trump insists to reporters as he departs the White House for staff meetings at Camp David that he feels the pain of hundreds of thousands of federal workers who aren't being paid.

The US president warned once more that he may invoke emergency powers to get a wall built without congressional approval.

But Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, seem in no mood to make concessions on a border wall Pelosi has described as an "immorality".

"We're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency", Trump told reporters on Sunday, per a pool report.

President Trump will visit the southern border Thursday, as the battle over funding for his border wall and the partial government shutdown continue.

"V.P. Mike Pence and team just left the White House".

The standoff - which has heavily affected national parks and other operations and threatens to halt payments as varied as food stamps and tax refunds - has made Trump's unrealized border wall the linchpin of his presidency as he seeks to make good on a signature campaign promise.

However, opponents would nearly certainly accuse him of presidential overreach and respond with court challenges.

Smith, D-Wash., had actually made the comments on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, but they were replayed Monday on Fox News "Fox & Friends" shortly before Trump tweeted.

The administration has also raised the specter of terrorists crossing the border, although many of these claims are overblown.

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