Sheriff says missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs has been found alive

Sheriff says missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs has been found alive

Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl found alive after a three-month disappearance, said she was abducted by a person who killed her parents, a woman who helped her told CNN Friday.

Jake Patterson was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of kidnapping, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told reporters at a news conference on Friday.

Barron County authorities believe Jayme was likely abducted after she disappeared, and have maintained they were confident she was alive for the time she was missing.

Patterson is believed to have allegedly targeted Jayme, but there appeared to have been no contact between the pair prior to her abduction, officials said.

A suspect was taken into custody shortly after she was found, according to Fitzgerald.

Without getting specific, authorities said on Friday that James Thomas Patterson took various steps to avoid detection by law enforcement and the public after the October 15 murders.

Ronning says she didn't know Patterson was living in the house and hadn't seen Jayme around. Patterson, they said, also took specific measures to hide Jayme from his friends.

Fitzgerald says Closs was medically cleared, is out of the hospital and is being interviewed by law enforcement.

"She saw this girl screaming 'help me, help me, '" Kasinskas told the station of his neighbor. She asks people to continue to pray for "Jayme's well-being and our families healing".

Gordon lies about 40 miles south of Lake Superior and about 65 miles north of Barron, Jayme's hometown.

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"He seemed like a quiet kid", she said.

"I was devastated, but now, for this to be true, and Jayme, I can not wait to give her a hug".

According to a post by the department, Jayme will be reunited with her family Thursday night.

Authorities are scheduled to attend a press conference at 10 a.m. Friday in Barron.

"We are just happy everyone kept praying and didn't give up hope, like we didn't", Smith told ABC News Thursday evening. "I knew it was her the second she walked in the door".

Closs approached a woman who was walking her dog and gave the woman her name. Following the murders, police failed to locate their teenage daughter, Jayme.

The schoolgirl had vanished on October 15 after her parents, James Closs, 56, and his wife Denise, 46, were found shot dead at the property near the town of Barron.

"Jayme, we need you here with us to fill that hole we have in our hearts", Smith said more than a week after the girl went missing.

"I was at the right place at the right time", the woman said. An initial ground search yielded no clues, but a second search by more than 2,000 people turned up several items of interest to investigators, the AP reports. As they waited for authorities, Jayme declined food and water, and instead met the family's puppy. "I just can't wait".

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