How cold is too cold to have school?

How cold is too cold to have school?

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities announced classes starting at noon and later will be canceled on Tuesday and all classes will be canceled on Wednesday.

The decision to close will be made by a group of officials at the district. Wind chills will range from -15 to -30 through the majority of the day including that critical time when students are outside waiting for the bus.

Some Stateline school districts are already making long-term arrangements in anticipation of severe weather.

It's important that we work together to make sure students are prepared to go to school in cold weather. "So anywhere from -25 or lower than that, we would cancel school".

"If our buses break down and we can't get a bus there quick enough, kids can be extremely cold", he said.

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Superintendents across the metro area say the districts communicate with each other for the days leading up to the weather event. While the cold weather will continue through Friday, temperatures are expected to return to safe levels, enabling CMSD schools to reopen Friday. "It's a hard call too when we are talking about the roads and conditions of roads".

Chicago Public Schools will be closed for two days due to the deep freeze entering the area.

Schools in MI are granted six inclement weather days per academic year.

The Edwardsville Community Unit 7 District tells us an administrative team begins reviewing all potentially unsafe weather 24 hours in advance. Student safety is our number one priority. "If we need to be off 15 days, we'll be off 15".

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