Xbox Live appears to be coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms

Xbox Live appears to be coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms

Sony eventually relented specifically for Fortnite, but notice how Microsoft failed to mention PlayStation in its Xbox Live plans?

Alright, keep this on the downlow and the hush-hush, but the word on the street with all the cool kids is that Microsoft are planning to launch Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch, alongside iOS and Android mobile platforms. This expansion of Live means that, if a developer implements the features, you will be able to earn achievements, access your friend's list, and your clubs, from devices other than Microsoft apps and services; Microsoft is trying to make Xbox the backbone of the online gaming world.

Microsoft is now gearing up to release an updated version of its Xbox Live SDK.

At GDC 2019, Microsoft is set to debut a new cross-platform development platform with the goal of bringing Xbox Live support to games on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, in addition to PC and Xbox consoles.

Microsoft will reveal plans for cross-platform Xbox Live functionality next month.

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The Game Developers Conference is scheduled to be held March 18 through 22 in San Francisco.

The Xbox Live service is already available in a few Android games such as Minecraft, but it's limited to titles from Microsoft Studios, so there aren't that many games on the Play Store that actually include the feature. "I love the Xbox One team, they did an incredible job with that and we have a long term commitment to the console space, but when you think about 2 billion people, we're not going to sell 2 billion people a game console".

In a blurb for their upcoming appearance, Microsoft states that Xbox Live has grown to be one of the leading gaming social communities.

This will break down barriers for developers that want their communities to mingle more freely across platforms. Until now, Microsoft reserved Xbox Live support on those platforms for its own games, but now now, Microsoft is aiming to bring Xbox Live cross-platform play to even more titles.

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