Android Q beta is now available for Pixel devices

Android Q beta is now available for Pixel devices

Google's Android Q beta forces a system-wide dark mode if users left their phone on dark mode before upgrading or activate it either by heading to battery saver or with ADB in Android Q. The toggle has been removed in the first beta builds of Q, presumably so that Google can polish it before letting users test it. Google is offering a system image of Android Q that you can flash onto your device if you're comfortable doing stuff like that, or you can sign up for the Android Beta Program and have updates pushed to you over the air.

But the developer beta will mostly showcase the changes behind the scenes, such as Android Q's souped-up privacy features and support for foldable displays; the latter will be handy given the upcoming debuts of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

One of the coolest features launched with the Google Pixel 3 is Call Screen, which allows you to have Google Assistant answer your spam calls. This lets app developers set a path into their app from the sharing menu, making sure everything's in place for the user to send what they want.

You can find more info about Android Q in Google Official blog post.

Android Q comes with plenty of other changes aimed at improving the overall experience of using the OS.

Similar to iOS, now Android users have the ability to prevent apps from using the location while running in the background. If Google incorporates the same sensor that uses the same camera computational techniques to carry out image processing, we will have a real victor on our hands and it will be at a price range that more customers can enjoy and appreciate.

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A new interesting feature is sharing WiFi via QR codes, which is much better than changing the password to some simple number array to make the network easier for sharing.

However, those wanting to give it try early could be disappointed as is now only available on the Pixel range of phones. So for example, you can only add app shortcuts to the desktop and nothing else.

Because files are private to your app, you no longer need any permissions to access and save your own files within external storage.

Basically, Google has done a lot to Android's software guts which promise to make it more capable and slicker to use. Bugs in the beta can cause you to have to reset the device.

Unlike previous years, Google has gone beta out of the gate rather than developer preview.

You'll then get future beta updates and eventually the stable release automatically as they appear.

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