SpaceX´s Falcon Heavy rocket poised for first commercial launch

SpaceX´s Falcon Heavy rocket poised for first commercial launch

Over the weekend, preparations for the rocket's second ever launch into space continued in a hangar near the Launch Complex 39A, and this time SpaceX chose to give the world a sneak peek into how the monstrous machine comes together. The launch has already been delayed and had been originally anticipated for earlier this week. The rocket is capable of delivering up to 59,000 pounds to a similar orbit, but that would mean SpaceX wouldn't be able to recover their boosters for reuse. Forecasters predicted an 80 percent chance of acceptable weather.

The rocket's design incorporates three modified Falcon 9 boosters assembled together into a single reusable unit. On the Falcon Heavy's maiden voyage into space in February 2018, an estimated 100,000 visitors came to watch.

This time around SpaceX has a paying customer to please.

This historic first launch of the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V of the 1960s will lift-off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Here's the mission timeline for today, as shared by SpaceX for after the launch. The center core will attempt to land on the droneship in the Atlantic Ocean called "Of Course I Still Love You". We'll see if they have better luck this time around.

If the weather holds and there are no technical issues, Falcon Heavy will rumble aloft at 6:35 p.m. Florida time from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

SpaceX wants to compete with its arch rival in the lucrative business of launching ultra-heavy satellites into space. And with a sticker price of $90 million, it is also about a third of the price of its closest competitor, United Launch Alliance's Delta IV Heavy. The side boosters will touch down at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at SpaceX Landing Zones 1 and 2.

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The reinforced center booster will again attempt an ocean landing on the drone ship, where there is more margin for error.

Falcon Heavy's debut flight a year ago attracted massive attention, in part because CEO Elon Musk chose to launch his own luxury Tesla Roadsteras the test payload.

After the procedure concluded in the hangar, the rocket was rolled onto the pad for a static test fire ahead of the launch of the Arabsat 6A satellite on April 9.

The Arabsat 6A that will depart Earth this week, on the other hand, will stick around in orbit, providing Ku-band and Ka-band communications coverage for the Middle East, North and South Africa.

Weather permitting, the Falcon Heavy will take off on its first commercial voyage on Wednesday, April 10.

Though Falcon Heavy's inaugural launch ultimately went off without a hitch, SpaceX will now have to repeat that success with the added risk of carrying a multimillion dollar satellite.

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