Trudeau threatens to sue Canadian conservative leader for libel

Trudeau threatens to sue Canadian conservative leader for libel

She says there was no vote and Trudeau expelled them anyway on the basis that the caucus didn't trust them anymore.

Wilson-Raybould has said she was inappropriately pressured last fall by the Prime Minister's Office and others to intervene to stop the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. On Tuesday Chong said the Liberals broke the law back in 2015 when the caucus did not follow the Reform Act's requirements, and that any Liberal caucus ousters have been done "under questionable authority" and "now the chickens have come home to roost".

Had the caucus agreed at the start of this Parliament to put expulsions to a vote, last Tuesday's decision to remove the two women would've required 90 Liberal MPs voting in favour.

"We were expelled prior to the commencement of the Liberal caucus meeting", Philpott told the House as she registered her complaint with Regan, a procedure known as a point of privilege.

Regan told Philpott he would consider her argument and report back to the House later.

"The will of caucus was very clear, but I made the decision", Trudeau said.

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Philpott asked the Speaker of the House of Commons to rule on whether the prime minister violated parliamentary privilege when he ejected the pair from the Liberal caucus last week, without holding a caucus vote on the matter.

Philpott argued that since she and Wilson-Raybould were expelled from the Liberal caucus, their situation is different from Caesar-Chavannes. "It was my decision to make but the fact that the caucus was clear and united on that made my decision easier".

On Sunday, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer revealed that Trudeau's lawyer had sent him a libel notice, demanding he retract his claims that the prime minister had lied to Canadians and interfered with the SNC prosecution.

"You can't be inventing things, you can't be lying to Canadians and I think highlighting that there are consequences, short term and long term, when politicians choose to twist the truth and distort reality for Canadians - it's not something we're going to put up with".

"Canadians are looking forward to the prime minister finally appearing under oath and testifying in a setting that he, himself, can not control", Scheer said Monday, repeatedly asking the government to set a date for legal proceedings to begin.

Trudeau said in French that if Scheer withdraws the statement, he'll find that satisfactory and would not pursue the lawsuit further. Wernick's lawyer said the clerk never relayed that conversation to Trudeau because everyone went on holiday the next day.

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