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by | November 17, 2018 | 02:28

The port of Hodeida is the entry point for more than three-quarters of imports and global humanitarian aid to Yemen, a country on the brink of starvation. Almost 10,000 people have been killed since the coalition joined the conflict in 2015 to bolster President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, triggering what the United Nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

by | November 17, 2018 | 02:18

Soon after, WikiLeaks tweeted about the filing , saying, "US Department of Justice "accidentally" reveals existence of sealed charges (or a draft for them) against WikiLeak's publisher Julian Assange in apparent cut-and-paste error in an unrelated case".

by | November 17, 2018 | 01:40

Frustrated by Acosta's criticism of a campaign ad, Trump finally said: "You should let me run the country and you should run CNN . Our honest thanks to all who have supported not just CNN , but a free, strong and independent American press".

by | November 17, 2018 | 00:59

Obama made the appearance as part of a promotional tour for her new autobiography Becoming , where she reflects on her time in the White House as well her distress at Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton. "I think he gets his energy from that". "They agree", she said of her kids. Michelle Obama revealed that even though she's now "unemployed", she's enjoying her life after the White House .

by | November 17, 2018 | 01:00

With the spectacle of a divided Congress imminent, McConnell heralded his party's increased majority in the Senate , but reiterated that he would try and find common ground with the Democrats . "This is not an age thing". Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won New York's 14th congressional district, is a prime example. "It is [that] this leadership team needs to turn the reins over to the next generation of Democrats.

by | November 17, 2018 | 00:55

Mueller already has brought charges against a series of former Trump aides. President Trump answers a reporter's question about the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller during a bill signing ceremony in the Oval Office Friday .

by | November 16, 2018 | 02:00

Pence also said that Trump will push for a concrete plan outlining Pyongyang's moves to end its arms programmes. Associated Press reports that Pence told a summit of Southeast Asian leaders Thursday in Singapore that Washington sought "an Indo-Pacific in which all nations, large and small, can prosper and thrive - secure in our sovereignty, confident in our values, and growing stronger together".

by | November 16, 2018 | 01:28

Turkey has claimed for weeks to have audio evidence that exposes how the Saudi journalist was killed on October 2 while visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain papers for his upcoming marriage. Qahtani has vast influence in the crown prince's circle and once said he would never do anything without his boss's approval. According to Turkish officials, Khashoggi was killed, his body was dismembered, the body parts were dissolved in acid and then the liquid remains were poured ...

by | November 15, 2018 | 02:27

Less amounts/duration south. I will caution that the exceptions would be the valleys (like in Meade/Hardin Counties) where cold air may get trapped near freezing a bit longer and therefore a bit more icing. Tuesday night - Partly cloudy, with a low around 22. "This pattern is likely to hold out through the rest of the month and into December with a risk of blizzards in Scotland and the north and widespread snow showers".

by | November 15, 2018 | 01:54

Some knew their homes were safe (for now) and waited for a chance to return. "I love you more than ever, Miley", she concluded. "She's a strong, smart woman". At least 228 people were still missing, according to Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. Authorities picking their way through burned-out neighborhoods say a Southern California wildfire has now destroyed at least 435 buildings, majority homes.

by | November 14, 2018 | 19:01

An Israeli air strike destroyed Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV building in the Gaza Strip on Monday (Nov 12) after a series of warning shots, AFP journalists reported , drawing threats of a harsh response from Palestinian militants. Seven people, including a Hamas commander, were killed on Sunday's attack. A day earlier, Israel's prime minister said he was doing everything possible to avoid another war.

by | November 14, 2018 | 18:58

In the event that a pilot raises the nose too high, the system is created to force the nose downwards in order to prevent a stall. Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration have asked airlines, including United, to better prepare crews to understand the aircraft's automated system .

by | November 14, 2018 | 18:50

Instead, Republicans are jockeying behind the scenes to be the top GOP members on key committees that will be tasked with defending President Trump against an onslaught of investigations by House Democrats. Although some Republicans, such as Senator Lindsey Graham of SC, have been critics of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's crackdowns on dissent, most criticism of Egypt has come from Democrats.

by | November 13, 2018 | 14:37

Listen to the audio and read quotes below. He explained that Rosenstein is a witness in the investigation he's overseeing - and possibly even a "subject" or "target" - and he was centrally involved in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

by | November 13, 2018 | 14:30

Trump is attending centennial commemorations in Paris this weekend to mark the Armistice that ended World War I . "President Macron of France has just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China and Russia", Trump wrote .

by | November 13, 2018 | 13:49

Thirteen more bodies have been recovered in California, bringing the death toll in the U.S. state's deadliest wildfire to 42, officials say. Together, they were blamed for 44 deaths, including two in celebrity-studded Malibu in Southern California , where firefighters appeared to be gaining ground against a roughly 143-square-mile (370-square-kilometer) blaze that destroyed at least 370 structures, with hundreds more feared lost.

by | November 12, 2018 | 00:53

At a music festival previous year in Las Vegas, Telemachus Orfanos survived the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history. Susan Schmidt-Orfanos, her voice and head shaking with grief and rage, said outside her family's home, "My son was in Las Vegas with one of his friends and he came home".

by | November 12, 2018 | 00:50

The Appointments Clause of the US Constitution states that some senior government officials, known as "principal officers", must be confirmed by the Senate. "Matthew G Whitaker is a highly respected former United States sttorney from Iowa", the president tweeted . At week's end, Matthew Whitaker's future at the helm of the Justice Department appeared uncertain at best as President Donald Trump denied even knowing the man.

by | November 11, 2018 | 08:33

It led to the DUP's Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson to accuse the Prime Minister of being guilty of a "total betrayal" of her promises that Northern Ireland would not be treated differently from the United Kingdom should Downing Street and Brussels fail to secure a future trade deal.

by | November 11, 2018 | 07:42

Why might other journalists in the room react that way, and why did Fox News's Chris Wallace say that Acosta had " embarrassed himself " on Wednesday? The video was allegedly originally made by an employee of Infowars, a far-right conspiracy website, The Guardian reported.