by | November 15, 2018 | 02:45

Samsung might use Qualcomm chips in most of its North American phones, but everyone else gets the company's custom Exynos chips. Blass also notes that the Galaxy S10 will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner using ultrasonic technology, similar to the OnePlus 6T .

by | November 15, 2018 | 02:39

The Chinese smartphone maker has announced OnePlus 6T Purple color edition in India. The Phone will only be available in the 8GB+128GB configuration but mercifully costs the same $579 as the other black finishes. The Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T , which offers a very distinct color gradient, launches not only in the North America on November 15 (just three days away!), but also in Europe on the same date.

by | November 11, 2018 | 08:44

The Kings will be on the second night of a back to back for just the second time this season and will face off with the Brandon Ingram-led Lakers. But LeBron James has been known for carrying teams on his shoulders so that's among the perks that come along with the Lakers' max player.

by | November 09, 2018 | 00:20

The newly redesigned Google Fit app will be a great companion to the Fossil Sport along with the snappy Snapdragon 3100. The company says the 350 mAh unit, with the help of Wear 3100, will be able to eke out a day of life based on the "full smartwatch experience", which we assume includes some HR tracking and Global Positioning System.

by | November 08, 2018 | 01:22

Therefore, we believe that Epic Games is planning to introduce the new weapon alongside the upcoming weekly update. What do you get when you mix llamas and linebackers? It also has a magazine size of 25 and a fire rate of 3.75. Aside from the NFL team outfits, " Fortnite " will add various other football-themed items, including special character "emotes" and harvesting tools.

by | November 06, 2018 | 17:56

However, it is now using only around 45 lines and does not require any additional production capacity. According to Nikkei , this means that Foxconn will be producing almost 100,000 units less every day based on the new forecasts available.

by | November 06, 2018 | 17:51

While other phones like the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X climb past the $1,000 mark, the OnePlus 6T stays below $600, even for the upgraded model, and boasts a Snapdragon 845 chipset and up to 8GB of RAM . Lastly, if you were considering moving to the Beta Program on your T-Mobile locked OnePlus 6T , that won't be an option - though it isn't clear if that's a result of the locked bootloader, and therefore capable of circumvention once paid off or not.

by | November 04, 2018 | 04:22

For those new members on will have the opportunity to claim Destiny 2 as a "free gift". Will you check out the game now that's it doesn't cost a dime? Those who already purchased the game on will be eligible to receive an exclusive gift of their own: a special in-game emblem marking the game's anniversary that will be available in December.

by | November 02, 2018 | 01:48

The big news for electric auto fans though is that the concept uses GM's first application of an 800-volt electrical system, which should allow charging in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, though the company did not reveal the capacity of the battery pack.

by | October 31, 2018 | 06:54

Let's dig in and see how much of an evolution the newcomer is. OnePlus was able to further reduce the bezels on its latest phone, shaving an additional 1mm off the bottom chin of the device. OnePlus claims to have developed the algorithms behind this new feature . The new move may be down to the OnePlus 6T's higher price tag, which could mean more customers opt to buy the phone on contract rather than outright as many have previously.

by | October 31, 2018 | 04:28

And at Apple's " There's More in the Making " event in Brooklyn , New York, we just saw its rebirth. The new MacBook Air has better display with bigger screen-to-body ratio and better colours in the Retina Display . The key highlight of the new iPad Pro is that it comes with Face ID support, and is powered by the A12X Bionic processor. It's the first MacBook to use the fingerprint reader without a Touch Bar, like the more expensive MacBook Pros .

by | October 29, 2018 | 12:42

It will be powered by Android 9.0 Pie-based OxygenOS software. OnePlus 6T will boast a beefier 3,700mAh battery thanks to the space saved inside the body of the handset by the removal of the 3.5mm audio port . It's unclear whether OnePlus will continue to sell the OnePlus 6 for those who still want the all-screen design, but don't think the extra battery life and bigger screen is worth the trade-off of losing the universal headphone port.

by | October 29, 2018 | 11:09

If doing so on a PC, you should be able to select which of your connected Google Account devices will receive the download, with the download then starting automatically on that device. While you can fast travel from your tent to the other places, you can't fast travel from there back to your camp. Take good care of it, and it'll reward you well.

by | October 28, 2018 | 04:30

It is not as if it looks like a "cheaper" avatar of the iPhone , though. Speaking of battery , the iPhone XR features an 11.16 Wh battery cell compared to the iPhone XS's 10.13 Wh. Apple eliminated the home button on the iPhone X, and that decision has carried over to the 2018 iPhones. Today's premium phones generally create Portrait Mode photos by using a close-up and wide-angle camera in unison.

by | October 26, 2018 | 00:12

You might want to think twice before you jump to the cheaper side, however. A reader recently purchased a 10W Anker wireless charger to wirelessly fast charge his Pixel 3 with, only to discover that the phone was only getting a maximum of 500mA via the charging app Ampere.

by | October 26, 2018 | 00:04

As extra as the Red Dead Redemption 2 app sounds, it is far from Rockstar's first mobile app. How long does it take to beat Red Dead Redemption 2? Both Android and iOS devices are getting an interactive " Red Dead Redemption 2 " map on October 26, developer Rockstar Games announced this week .

by | October 23, 2018 | 02:29

Samsung first introduced the Galaxy Book 2-in-1 hybrid laptop in February 2017 with both a 10.6- and 12-inch model. Don't confuse this with the Galaxy Tab S4 that the company also released this year. Another striking difference is that it comes with Windows 10 S out of the gate, signal the wump wump's. With all-day performance, a new S Pen and intelligent camera , nothing keeps up with your life like Galaxy Note9.

by | October 20, 2018 | 00:55

It sports a Leica triple camera setup. There are 16-megapixel ultra wide angle camera with f/2.2 aperture and 17 mm lens, 12-megapixel wide angle camera sensor with f/1.8 aperture and 27 nm lens and 8-megapixel telephoto camera with f/2.4 aperture and 52mm lens.

by | October 17, 2018 | 17:12

Murdoch, who joined Tesla's board as independent director past year, has experience in working with media companies but none in leading a company that makes electric vehicles. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk may be going into the liquor business. In its lawsuit, the SEC said Musk calculated the 420/share based on a 20%premium over that day's closing share price and because of the 420 number's slang reference to marijuana.

by | October 17, 2018 | 16:51

One bundle will include the Play Store, Google Maps , Gmail , and YouTube . For example a company could make a regular Android phone with full Google certification, and also an Android tablet with its own version of the OS and no Google apps or services.